Some of you may have remembered last September I lost a good friend of mine from high school to colorectal cancer. She was 38 years old. After she gave birth to her daughter, she could not have a bowel movement. Several weeks passed and she finally talked to her providers into a colonoscopy. They could not even get the scope in it because of the severe tumors. She was immediately diagnosed with stage for colon rectal cancer. Tragically, she passed away 10 very short months after the diagnosis; only a month after celebrating her daughter’s first birthday. She was an incredible woman. A woman who inspired others to be better humans. To strive for their best self. She was super healthy, but God decided he needed her elsewhere.

In an effort of solidarity, I had my rear checked today. They found three polyps! If I had waited until age 50, those most likely would have turned into cancer by then. Thank God for my sweet friend who part posthumously is spreading awareness of colorectal cancer. I am forever grateful.

My mom took was very funny video as I was coming out of Anastasia.

The procedure did not hurt at all!