breastfeeding mom

I went to a meeting yesterday amongst a group of local professionals and my Instagram page was brought up. A person mentioned my page is just full of a bunch of nudity. Luckily someone came to my defense and pointed out that breastfeeding is not nudity. And also, it’s not fair to judge just because I have more of a breast showing than others simply because of size. I did not choose to be born into the family of women with amazon jungle size boobs. I’m glad I’ve been able to document my journey and have reached such a wide scope of women. But it does not come without recourse and often ridicule.

At yesterday’s meeting, I briefly introduced myself in front of a group of about 150 people. I was going to talk about my accomplishment of growing a community to almost 40,000 women and inspiring mamas around the world. But the comment derailed me.

I’ve been holed up in my IG squares and focusing on my children and close family that I haven’t put myself out there much IRL. I’ve shown my portraits in art galleries, but let’s face it, artists are often the most open-minded and usually not conservative.

I often wonder what’s going to happen when my breastfeeding journey is complete? I hope to continue my journey by making posts about what was and continue to inspire.

Here’s a way you can help me: always engage. Whether it’s a super quick little double tap, or a comment, or even better tap that paper airplane and share my posts on your story. If you have mama friends who would benefit from my content, PLEASE SHARE! It will show me what my community likes to see and talk about.

Help other mamas out. So often mamas leave comments with concerns or questions. While it may be on my page, please do not hesitate to respond and help each other out. I want this space to act as a community of mamas helping each other, not just me moderating my page.

I know I got side tracked, but this page has become both a professional and personal passion for me and I want to continue this journey with great success. I hope my page brings you happiness and inspiration! ?

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