There’s about a 10 year difference between the two images, but two very different women.

On the left I was interested in being social, having fun, going out, and focusing on myself.

Now, every single decision that I make whether directly or indirectly revolves around my children.

Then I had an amazing socialize with lots and lots of friends so I was able to spend time with regularly.

Now I have an amazing family and zero social life, however my daughters tell me I’m their best friend and we hang out all the time! 🙂

Then I was concerned about my biological clock ticking.

Now I’m concerned about my pelvic floor!

Then I was thick and I’m thick.

Then my booby’s were just for looks, now I have nourished (and continue to do so) for amazingly healthy tiny humans.

I admire and respect that “then” Jenn, Although she had a lot to learn. I’m certain my future self will say the same thing about my present self.

The key to the present is to constantly strive to be a better self. Don’t be afraid of introspection and keeping yourself accountable.

Two things I’ve recently learned about myself and strength lately is that I do not need wine or alcohol to cope. I need sleep, rest, and appreciation. (And massages help too.)

What have you learned about yourself in the past 10 years?