It was just over two years ago that I realized the gravity of advocacy I had in store for myself and my twins.

From the get, I was told let’s get to 37 weeks and we are good to go. I asked, “what does that mean?” It means we’ll schedule and induction at 37 weeks and you’ll get your babies! That interaction began my long road of questioning WHY? And with every response I asked for printed research to back it up.

Often, I was received with curious facial reactions. In fact, I was told that the doctor had never once been asked to provide evidence to support her recommendations. I was not shitty or bitchy, I just insisted on being informed and drawing my own conclusions from my gained knowledge.

The biggest challenge I faced with my twin birth was when baby A continued to present breech. My OB said we’ll just go ahead and schedule a c section at 37/38 weeks so long as she is breech. I asked, “why wouldn’t I just be able to push her out like normal?” She said that’s really not an option because of all the risk associated with a breech birth, especially a twin breech.

I then began researching like crazy all studies on breech birth vs voluntary c section and the risks associated with BOTH. It is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to understand the risks with a c section as well! There are tons that often fall completely on the mother, but are never mentioned to the patient.

I reached out to an amazing magical OB named Dr. Stu. He practices out of Los Angeles and has a website,, and is truly a saint.

This week the twins turn two and I am going to post about their birth story by request from a poll on my stories a bit ago.

Had to include this one so all four angles were included. From behind, sometimes it’s hard to tell I was even pregnant!

I’m curious what advocating other mamas have experienced during their traditional hospital birth? Please share.