My tribe. These four little girls are the ones who made me a mother. I got to spend the entire day with all of them yesterday and it was absolutely perfect. My morning started with them coming in and giving me a hug and then hubs taking them all downstairs and letting me sleep in. That was the best morning ever!

fashion for kidsI came downstairs to five happy girls and hubs making a spectacular breakfast. They gave me a couple cute gifts including painting that Parker and Piper made of me (check my stories!) The twins and hubs gave me a foot rub, shared on my story, we went swimming that was too cold, and had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Since they skipped their naps, we put them to bed early. Everyone was asleep before 7:30 and slept until almost 8 this morning!

Overall, yesterday was perfect. In fact, it was my best Mother’s Day to date. I’m so thankful for my tribe and having the privilege of being their mother.

Please leave a comment below and share with me what your Mother’s Day was like!