Instead of church every Sunday morning, I tandem nurse religiously. Lol So every week I think, this Sunday we’re going to wake up and go to church and it’s going to be great! Then Sunday morning rolls around and the time to start getting ready is usually slept right through.

breastfeeding twins

This morning the babies let me sleep in until after 9am. This was a much needed rest because they had me up all night last night. Aria was fighting a fever last night; I’m not sure why. (Swipe to see how she fell asleep on me as I nursed her fever.) And I was up for several hours. I had to resort to having my husband give one a bottle because I was just too spent. In order to be a good mom during the day (and a productive, friendly person in general) it is imperative to have at least some decent sleep. Had my husband not finally stepped in and handled at least one of them, I would have been miserable today.

breastfeeding a twin

So here we are, another Sunday morning creeping past us, and no direction moving toward church. Quite frankly the idea of getting everyone up, fresh diapers, cute outfits, myself dressed and presentable, some kind of breakfast, nursed, all packed in car seats and carriers, not to mention winter coats and boots…? This seems like a slow torture!

❤️ Mama Jenn