I breastfeeding, lazy river style!!! We decided to take the family to Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, an indoor waterpark near our home. As all the kids gathered on the innertubes, the twins saw me and my boobies in my swimsuit, and wanted nothing else, LOL.

Breast-feeding in public

I figured, what the heck, relaxing onto my lazy river seems like a comfy and amazing place. Why not?! So the lifeguard constantly walks back-and-forth along side. Loudly, as I passed him with both babies latched on, he exclaimed “what the hell is that lady doing over there?!”The question was within your shot of my husband and he turned to him and said, “obviously she’s breast-feeding dude.” The lifeguard shook his head and I laughed and proceeded on with life and a little giggle.

That was not at all and easy one for me with “normalizing” goals. There were kids of all ages and parents riding past me left and right. I couldn’t fully relax because I was praying no one would say something snarky or mean and rude when our moment. Luckily, the only thing said why is the question of shock from the lifeguard which I found a humorous, not offensive.

Honestly it was shocking to some people because they just don’t see it. Well, that weekend, trust me… A lot more people in this world saw how truly normal it is to breast-feed (even two babies, older babies attack) in public.

It was great and the babies loved nursingon a lazy river. Probably there first and only time ever in their lives!

Copeland loved floating the twins around in the warm tub! All my girls love spending time with their brother and their dad in the warm water! I went on every slide and I think this is going to be an annual tradition for us now. Only next year we need to do tonight instead of one!